RedPad Games© Conducts Initial Server Load Test Optimization For Their Upcoming New Release Dustland™

Player Feedback!


In February, the engineering team at RedPad Games© conducted the first stress testing exercise for their upcoming new release Dustland for PC, coming this year! Let’s hear from RedPad Games Chief Programming Engineer Anatoli about the results and some initial player feedback!


“On February 2, the first Dustland server load test was conducted with more than 40,000 people taking part in the test. With this test, we wanted to check the stability of servers, the reliability of the synchronization system, including cars, the correctness of the firing system under a heavy load. Also after the test, listen to the comments of our future players.”


Here is some initial player feedback:


“Well done team! Fine adjustments and we are ready to go. Good luck!”


“While driving pressed "E" heath dropped to zero. But at the same time I didn't die, I'm driving now and I can't get out of the car. It looks like I've become a car and now I'm going into the sunset Vl Vladislav ”


“I noticed that there are no bullet holes through yet. It took me a while to find myself on the radar, then I roughly realized having traveled a long way by car. I wish you success, I will be waiting for the release!!! ”


“I've made a lot of observations, I haven't seen much in other games. You can't climb through broken cars, even though there is a place, it will be cool if you add this to the release. I couldn't get on the tanks, although I really wanted to. On the release of the hunt to experience the wow effect. I hope that your game will be in demand all over the world. ”


“To be honest, the game is fire and this is already on the first test. The fact that the guys have already done this is a tremendous job, just well done, there are a lot of shortcomings, but not all at once, at the beginning of world of tanks it was possible to get stuck in the wall at all, and this despite the fact that the game was already on the market and there was paid content. ”


“I congratulate the team on the first testing, I wish the popularization of the project, and the fastest fixes, new victories for you! ”


“Hello everyone, I came to play for 40 minutes. A couple of moments that I noticed while I was playing, sometimes the weapon disappeared in the hands of the character, respectively, it was not always convenient to shoot. Although other players calmly shot. When I got into the car, I started driving, the car sometimes shook, so my partner, who was sitting next to me, could not aim. But I still had fun! ”


“I'm waiting for an addition”


“I also got the game) I would rather release, I want a full version of the software to use Vit Vitaly”


“I crushed opponents by car) once I was just jumped over, and the second time I crashed and then he still fell to the death of the brave”


“The sound of gunfire is just top, but it seemed to me that it was recorded indoors. It hung a little. It was nice to drive the car. ”


“I didn't have time to study all the locations. Each player must customize the characters for themselves. Still hunting a lot of weapons. I will wait. Good luck and a speedy release! ”


“More open world, work with weapons and vehicles (view), the Camera would rotate around the character, more locations of various forest, city and of course game optimization. good luck”


“Good luck with the development, I believe in you”