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Dustland - is an online third-person action game with elements of survival in the open world of the post-apocalypse. You will fight with other players and AI opponents, complete quests, explore the map in search of "items from the past”, as well as improve your weapons, car and costume.

In the near future, natural resources began to run out. Humanity decided to create a giant nuclear power plant that would power the entire planet, however, the construction of such a structure on Earth was extremely dangerous. The Moon was chosen as a test site. After the construction was completed and the test run, something unexpected happened, which caused an explosion. In the sky, instead of the usual satellite of the Earth, a second sun shone. Soon, because of this incident, the ozone layer was breached, the seas and oceans dried up, and resources began to rapidly deplete. People were panic-stricken, world governments fell, and countries were gripped by anarchy. Humanity has stopped a step away from extinction.

Dustland is being developed by RedPad Games, a team of twenty-five international developers.

We plan to give you this new experience in MMO at Q1 2022.

The first launch will be on PC - the motherland of MMO and shooters. After that, we will release Dustland on Android, iOS version and consoles version

We stand for honesty and strive to provide all players with a fair value. That is why when we publish Dustland on game stores you will see fair price depending on the region of residence

We work on Amazon Web Services architecture and provide to give best online experience for all regions.

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