Wartide Worlds
War always has a reason!
Wartide worlds is the game for everyone.
Wartide Worlds is an MMO game that combines mostly RTS, RPG, and TPA genres. Although besides RTS and FPS the game is full of additional elements peculiar to other genres, such as RPG for instance.
What is the feature of the game?
Same from long-run future. From «Future» where space warfare takes place at the international level. Some disasters caused weird temporal anomalies and the main hero was thrown back to ancient times. Now, he has to survive and get back home to his time. To do that, he has to use gained knowledge to detect temporal anomalies – «the breach» in order to get into the next era until the here ends up in the future period from which he was thrown. Thereby, jumping from one era to another, the player has to manage his own avatar, by choosing the path of development building strategic alliances, and gaining foes.
The gamer drives his avatar and builds his own colony. During the gameplay, the gamer can switch from RTS mode to TPA.
In a while, it will become obvious that during the disaster many powerful heroes were thrown into the ancient period. In the future, they could have been your allies or enemies, but now in ancient times you need to understand can you rely on your ex-allies or can you build alliances with your ex-enemies. Perhaps, getting back home is not the best idea, ultimately is your new home worse than the old one. Unlike other strategies, in this gameplay, every unit is a separate personality with its own name, visualization, features, specialties, skills, weapons, and equipment.
What is the feature of the game?
It's not a usual game. It's MMORTS, FPS with RPG mechanics. Game admirers of ancient time and space battles. Play in the clan, support the clan members, use each other's strengths. Epic events that will abandon you in unique locations with their own quests and features.