Platinum sponsor RedPad Games brings home a BIG win at Crypto Expo 2021 in Dubai

Crypto Expo Dubai  The founders and partners of RedPad Games© attended CED2021 held in Dubai back in October and is celebrating it's first Cryptocurrency award “Most Interesting Cryptocurrency”!


The show was held in October and was a tremendous success for the studio. Platinum sponsor RedPad Games was a huge hit with its exhilarating exhibit drawing in thousands of attendees to learn more about RedPad Games studios and provided RedPad Games an opportunity to be able to interact, network and meet other members of  crypto communities from both investors, enthusiasts, potentials partners and gamers!.  CED2021 also offered attendees a very first glimpse of the first demo for RedPad Games upcoming release Dustland™, coming in 2022 to PC!  However just as exciting, CED2021 Dubai was the first showcase and public introduction announcement of RedPad Games cryptocurrency RedPad Games Coins™!


What are RedPad Games Coins?


Fundamental to the further growth of RedPad Games as a full AAA interactive gaming studio is RedPad Games cryptocurrency RedPad Games Coins™ or RPGC™.  RPGC releases into the exciting crypto financial trading market in 2022 and was developed on the decentralized open-source Etherium blockchain.  RPGC is RedPad Games brilliant new, cutting-edge cryptocurrency and transactional platform uniting the excitement of interactive gaming entertainment with the potential of the massively growing cryptocurrency ecosystem. RPGC is a technological, first wave mixing of crypto financial systems and gaming markets featuring an all new patent pending tendering infrastructure for payments.  A unique, first of its kind in the evolving crypto environment.


RedPad Games© released public details of its five-year financial, investment and product release roadmap at CED2021 to great success. We do know that as part of RedPad Games and RPGC roadmap are several strategic financial interests.  Including in the Green Energy markets.  Further details to come, however contracts will be secured in the Dubai, Turkish and Latin American markets to provide more effective and ecological green energy resources to consumers which can be purchased with RPGC tokens.   Additionally and equally exciting, within the next 5 years the RPGC portfolio will include significant interests in the Gold Markets with several active, profitable gold mining operations throughout Kazakhstan.  Yields from these mining operations will be bank secured as a backing reinforcement to RPGC’s value, forcing stability and providing a “Gold Standard” protection for investor assurance, crypto stability and loyalty. Concurrent with these investment groups are partners from a Kazakhstani owned Bank, one of the largest and most respected in country providing strategic control and offer stability in value.  RedPad Games is always committed in striving to identify further blockchain ledger platforms in an effort to pass on efficiencies and mitigate transactional commission costs post launch to its investors and players.


Next up for the RedPad Games Studio is BLOCKCHAIN LIFE 2022!


RedPad Games is excited to announce they will be attending the 8th International Forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Mining, Blockchain Life 2022  being held in Moscow on April 20-21.  RedPad Games©  will be on hand to exhibit, present and discuss RedPad Games Coins©, the studios new cryptocurrency released into the exciting crypto financial trading market this year.


Additionally, RedPad Games will be exhibiting, networking AND sponsoring the always highly anticipated Blockchain Life 2022 after party on the evening of the 21st, so be sure to meet the team behind AAA interactive content development and its proprietary cryptocurrency RedPad Games Coins!


To book a meeting with RedPad Games and learn more about RPGC’s exciting new introduction into the Cryptocurrency market economy, please schedule accordingly at and they will be delighted to find time for you!


See you at the show!