Let the games begin!


RedPad Games© is a multi-platform, interactive entertainment development and publishing studio seeded in 2019 and formally instituted in Zurich, Switzerland in 2020 by its two visionary and highly motivated founders; Mr. Vildan Fazylov, (RPG’s Founder and CEO) partnered with Mr. Yevgeniy Neverov (RPG’s Co-Founder and General Product Officer). Their collective vision was to meet and exceed the anticipations of the growing demands and insatiable expectations of the international gaming community by serving AAA level content, the highest quality open-world content coupled with compelling narratives, innovative gameplay mechanics and immersive suspension of reality (sic) within the highly discretionary consumer driven gaming markets.


Comprised of an international team of top talent across multiple disciplines focused on creating gorgeous cross platform, multiplayer worlds, player-driven key gameplay mechanic schemas and engaging narrative design. Shortly after inception and fostered by RedPad Games executive leadership, a seemingly universally internal studio mantra began to emerge and shortly thereafter adopted as edict within RPG’s growing team members:


RedPad Games mantra: “We Build Worlds”


The foundation of the RedPad Games internal studio workplace culture held and continues to hold close to the chest from design, engineering, modeling/graphics, marketing and operations an overarching mantra and mission statement. This enthusiasm is the standard of the studio culture in which RedPad Games founders set out to culture and foster at onset. A studio in which all perspectives, opinions and viewpoints are not only freely shared but often incorporated into design element parameters.


“After years in the gaming industry and multiple consumer releases, I feel confident to freely state that the values implemented at RedPad Games create a halo of principle and exhilaration that is unprecedented, empowering and instills confidence in all members to freely share ideas and directions”

- Yevgeny Neverov


RedPad Game is an environment in which there are no irrelevant question and all team members’ opinions are respected and often adopted. This combination and mixture makes for amazing and highly creative output which the world is soon to experience. It is with great pride, long hours and incredible hard work that RedPad Games is now a growing part of the international game development community. The yield of this symbiotic team effort is poised to introduce and show evident with the release of our second consumer product franchise launch Dustland™ coming soon in 2022!


About Red Pad Games


Founded in 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland, RedPad Games is a multiplatform interactive entertainment studio comprising highly experienced talent from design to engineering, pushing the boundaries of the MMOG game genres chiefly to highly innovative design features, world-class software engineers and a studio created out of pure passion for the industry, RedPad Games is poised to establish a leadership position in one of the most respected and challenging sectors in the interactive entertainment industry. We build entertainment! Visit www.redpadgames.com for more info.