Awaiting The Release Of RedPad Games Epic New Franchise


RedPad Games© founders set off on a strategic goal to bring the highest quality AAA level content to the international gaming community.  Dustland delivers!


Dustland is a sheer, unmitigated survival game set in a scorched-Earth, post-apocalyptic wasteland designed around one central and singular objective…STAY ALIVE!  Representing the best elements from the 3rd person MMO genre, Dustland brings a unique twist to the post/apocalyptic wasteland narrative with highly creative and unique weapons construction system, high torque high speed electric vehicles, gorgeous open world environments and proprietary backend latency programming designed to mitigate lag issues that will debut with launch.  Red Pad Games is confident it has reached its goal of setting a bar for the definitive design model in survival MMO’s.


The world of Dustland is like Mojave Desert a/k/a Death Valley…on STEROIDS!  Dustland is a PURE survival MMO with 64 km2 of a scorched Earth wasteland and over 100 unique locations to explore, exploit and survive!  A world in which the violent and fanatical anti-science cult “Sons of Eden” set out to destroy a state of the art power facility based on the Moon, and in fact succeed with unsuspecting consequences.  Their explosive actions cause a chain reaction triggering hard elements to begin fusing with the entirety of the Moon itself going full thermo nuclear and giving our blue planet a second Sun with devastating effects.  Ice caps melt, oceans evaporate and the Earth is left as a blazing hot, desert landscape where only the most resilient survive.  In Dustland, players are forced to discover for themselves the skills to see another day alive.  Not an easy task in a world where even the very environment wants you a pile of sun-bleached bones!


Dustland delivers high energy, fast paced gameplay featuring the best of what makes MMO’s the genre of choice for hundreds of millions of players worldwide!

  • Four unique Factions players can join each with their own assets, modes of transport and attitudes! Former scientists turned into Morays, military into Tyrants, engineers into Vulcans and merchants into Marauders with their own location - a city where the player can safely stay, trade, communicate and take on challenges.
  • Co-op gameplay.  Players can cooperate and trade with each other - but only at their own risk. There is no protection against deception, theft or your own death in Dustland.
  • Original weapons design system.  Players need to use their cunning and skill to locate and assimilate spare components they discover to modify to their weapons making them more powerful, deadly and accurate for each situation… increase your lethality!
  • Blistering fast all electric vehicles take players across an expansive wasteland in speed and style!
  • Sinister AI driven protagonists, deadly animals, hostile factions (many cannibalistic!) and horrifyingly mutated lifeforms evolved to flourish in this searing new apocalyptic environment.  Perhaps deadliest of all, OTHER players may just as soon TAKE you out as help you out!
  • Tough and brutal post-apocalypse gameplay setting where water, energy and ammunition are the driving forces behind life and your ride is only a close second!
  • In-game store.  Players can purchase items to pimp out their vehicle, suites and  weapons


Dustland™ is positioned for a 2022 release on PC, followed by Mobile and Console!