RedPad Games© founders set off on a strategic goal to bring the highest quality AAA level content to the international gaming community.  Dustland delivers!


Let’s talk about Dustland

A highly protected development effort, Dustland is a sheer, unmitigated survival game set in a scorched-Earth, post-apocalyptic wasteland environment designed and developed for the hard core MMO enthusiast, imposing a singular and central objective… survival!  Dustland represents THE best elements of traditional 3rd person, open world MMO experiences coupled with unique and engaging feature sets to further breach and exploit the “suspension of disbelief” that can be delivered in the MMO category.  Coupled with unique and traditional gameplay feature sets as well as an extraordinarily engaging and captivating storyline narrative, Dustland is ready to deliver a refreshing perspective to the beloved post-apocalyptic gaming genre.


Dustland is a 3rd person perspective open world environment consisting of a virtual 64 km2 for players to explore, engage, combat, and prosper utilizing a variety of vehicles, weapon systems, factions to engage with, quests to undertake and ultimately survive, thrive and make a name for themselves in a world dedicated to delivering the harshest of environments one can only imagine.


At onset, a strong component of RedPad Games motivation was to demonstrate a clear and singular goal in the design of Dustland.  Survival.  Providing a visceral sense of urgency, anxiety, fear and often nervousness in their goals of both surviving Dustlands ruthless, sweltering environments and players sheer will to endure and ultimately prosper.   RedPad Games development production Dustland delivers!


About Dustland

The world of Dustland is like Mojave Desert a/k/a Death Valley…on STEROIDS!  Dustland is a PURE survival MMO offering players a full and manageable 64 km2 of a scorched Earth wasteland with over 100 unique locations to explore, exploit and survive!  A world in which the violent anti-science fanatical cult “Sons of Eden” are out to destroy a state-of-the-art power facility on based on the Moon, and in fact succeed with unsuspecting consequences.  Their explosive actions initiate an unstoppable chain reaction causing hard elemental fusion to initiate with the Moon itself eventuality of going thermo nuclear.  Introducing our lush blue planet to a second Sun with devastating effects.  Polar Ice caps melt, oceans evaporate, life as we know it experience nearly full extinction leaving behind a blazing hot, unrecognizable post-apocalyptic New Earth with a searing desert landscape in which only the most resilient life can survive.    Dustland delivers exciting, fast paced gameplay featuring the best of what makes MMO’s the genre of choice for HUNDREDS of millions of players worldwide!  In Dustland, players need to discover for themselves the skillsets necessary to see another day alive.


Not an easy task in a world where even the very environment wants you nothing less than a pile of sun bleached scattered bones!


RedPad Games invites you to MMO experience of 2022, the world of Dustland™.


Gameplay and Feature Sets


  • Innovative weapons assembly systems, highly unique in gaming.  There are no typical weapon upgrades in Dustland!  Players need to use their cunning, fast decision-making skills and experience to assimilate specific weapon components discovered to adapt their offensive arsenal to increase their lethality dependent upon the situation players find themselves in.  Scopes, long barrels for distance combat.  Short barreled, high-capacity output machine gun for closer quartered situations or a simple pistol to rid themselves of unwanted company.  Practicality and lethality are in the hands of the players themselves!
  • Four unique Factions players can join each with their own unique assets, modes of transport and attitudes! Former scientists evolved into Morays, Military into Tyrants, Engineers into Vulcans and Merchants into Marauders with their own location - a city where the player can safely stay, trade, communicate and take on challenges.
  • All electric, massive torque green vehicles take players across an expansive wasteland in style and speed!
  • Tough and brutal post-apocalypse gameplay setting with a massive open world environment where water, energy sources and of key importance, ammunition are the driving forces behind survival
  • Menacing AI driven antagonists, deadly animals, hostile factions (some possible cannibalistic), terrifyingly mutated lifeforms evolved to flourish in this searing new landscape
  • Deadly and challenging Bosses that will challenge even the most proficient gamers
  • Perhaps deadliest of all? OTHER players who will just as soon TAKE you out as help you out!
  • In-game store purchases where players can purchase vanity items to pimp out their vehicle, Liquiforms and other components to be introduced on a regular basis
  • Co-op gameplay.  Players can cooperate and trade with each other - but only at their own risk. There is no protection against deception, theft, or death at the very hands of your closest allies in Dustland.


Survive, Thrive or Die!


The name Dustland™ represents the overarching tenet of its thematic atmosphere.  The very name instills within the players the challenges in the journey in which they are about to engage.  One of a scorched Earth, barren wasteland and post-apocalyptic ruthless daily existence where one can simply endure or rule!

  • Highly engaging game narrative and ethos bringing a fresh new storyline perspective to the post-apocalyptic gaming genre
  • Major cities to explore and exploit, each belonging to separate Factions.
  • Shocking adversaries outside of the city’s walls, raiders, mutants, and other players to contend
  • Players can cooperate and trade with each other - but only at your own risk. There is no protection against fraud, theft, back-stabbing or death in the world of Dustland
  • State of the art NPC’s, Antagonists and Protagonists
  • Highly innovative weapons construction system.  Players much choose the right weapon components to best suite their immediate combat circumstances




Dustland and subsequent value-added bundle SKU’s will also be in the Dustland  release schedule available direct at and via online distribution associated partnerships with Steam, Epic and others to be announced!


RedPad Games will be formally releasing its epic design and development debut opus – Dustland for PC in 2022!


“Red Pad Games has achieved its goal of eliciting almost VISCERAL, emotional player reactions.  Dustland imposes a real-world sense of stress and urgency within the mindset of the players."

                  -Yevgeniy Neverov, Founder and General Product Officer

“Red Pad Games has wrapped a highly original, highly immersive experience around an original and captivating storyline with one central theme, survivability. These are only a small fraction of the driving forces behind Dustlands creative and technical design.”

                 -Arkady Kabulov, Lead Game Designer


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