RedPad Games© founders set off on a strategic goal to bring the highest quality AAA level interactive entertainment to the gaming masses.  Let’s get to know the founders of this ground-breaking company RedPad Games© and its forthcoming release Dustland™!


RedPad Games, CEO and Co-Founder Mr. Vildan Fazylov 


A profoundly talented programming engineer with deep involvement with AAA releases such as EVE Online, Vildan was an early adopter of interactive entertainment and in many ways ahead of his time breaching the bridge between B2B, programming and the highly competitive arena of emergent experiential entertainment.


Vildan had expressed an early interest in computers, programming technologies, evolving programing structures, and business development.  His clearly evident talents eventually led him to the intersection of his business acumen, technologies and the gaming vertical.


Let’s get to know Vildan Fazylov in his own words!


On June 11 2019, the computer game Wartide WorldS was released on the American crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The creators of the game hope that their brainchild will be able to replace the already largely outdated Warcraft for fans.


Vildan Fazylov

- At one time, I spent nights running away from the cops in Most Wanted, "travelled" around Morgrad and many other places. And no matter how much I played, I couldn't find my perfect game. I started thinking: what kind of game would be "the one" for me? And I realized that the existing genres do not contain what I want. That's why I thought about a game that includes different mechanics," says Vildan Fazylov, who invented Wartide WorldS five years ago.


According to his idea, the game combines the genres of strategy and action, and you can play it both from the first and third person.


For five years, Vildan has been looking for like-minded people and enthusiasts who would support his idea and start working with him on a new game. Today, an international team of animators, artists, game designers and programmers from several countries, including Russia, the USA and New Zealand, is already working on the project. Vildan acts as the "keeper" and the screenwriter of the project. 


Vildan decided to revive the MMO genre with his project (a massively multiplayer online game. - F), because, according to many gamers, nothing interesting and similar in scale has been distributed in the world since Warcraft (the first release of the Warcraft game was held in 1994. - F). Vildan is a gamer himself, he was not satisfied with other games, and he decided to create a game himself that would be interesting to play for a long time. Vildan is developing and launching on Kickstarter. This task is quite ambitious considering that it is an online game with an open world. Its implementation is quite complicated, therefore, world-class resources are required for further development and improvement of the game.


Prior to the release on Kickstarter, only private investments, including Vildan himself, were used to develop Wartide WorldS. About $ 70 thousand has already been spent on the game - this money, among other things, was used to buy software, developers were involved. On the crowdfunding platform, developers want to attract $ 650 thousand. If funds can be collected, it is planned to use them to create two new eras for the game – this will allow users to show the three-genre of the game and the playing field. Ideally, the goal of developers is to attract an anchor investor who understands the gaming industry, get not only money from him, but also recommendations and help to use resources optimally.


Why did you go to Kickstarter? 

Firstly, we would like to receive feedback from a mass user. - Secondly, it is important for us to get the first user base that will test the game, with which it will be possible to interact and which will be loyal to us. Thirdly, we want to get recommendations from the world community, because we are only building muscles and only forming as a team. The game requires a lot of investment, but we did not see the point in declaring a huge amount of collection right away.


If everything works out as the authors of Wartide Worlds intended, gradually new epochs will appear in the game, which will take the user to a new gameplay, to a different graphics. New types of weapons, troops, and equipment will also appear. The point of the game is to reach the age of space and develop galaxies. Players will be able to join clans and develop their common civilization. There will be the era of modernity, and the Iron Age, and knights, and two world wars. In addition, the game will introduce users to the events that took place in historical epochs in fact.