RedPad Games© founders set off on a strategic goal to bring the highest quality AAA level interactive entertainment to the gaming masses.  Let’s get to know the founders of this ground-breaking company RedPad Games© and its forthcoming release Dustland™!


RedPad Games, Co-Founder AND General Product Officer Mr. Yevgeniy Neverov


Tell us a little bit of your background and history Yevgeniy:

Evgeny: I've loved studying all my life. But if someone is more interested in theoretical knowledge, then I am used to taking everything into practice. When I started working as an account manager, I realized that I did not have enough professional, let's say, structural knowledge for the IT industry. That's why I got a job as a project manager. I graduated from the university external, graduated with a bachelor's degree in two and a half years. My further development also took place through various courses, various negotiations with people, with the same experts in the marketing industry, SMM, project management of the IT industry. And from everywhere I collected all the best. Not just cream, but cases and chips that can be used in various fields. As an example, changing the usual ways of interacting with the user, I can remember from this - when I used the pattern behavior from the beauty industry, I applied it to the fitness industry. After that, I also used it for the automotive business. My professional experience is already more than 10 years. Of these, eight years of work in IT and marketing. At the same time, I do not intend to stop my development. Now I am applying for an MBA. I especially like to participate in webinars and seminars of game dev industry professionals. Communicate with professionals in their field, marketing professionals, business developers, with the founders of companies. At each specialist, you can accidentally or not accidentally find that part of the information that you lack for a common puzzle.


Great! When you’re not building worlds, what are your hobbies?  

Evgeny: My hobbies are quite specific, I love entertainment culture in all its manifestations very much. At least take TV series, manga, comics, music, anime, TV Shows. All this seems to me not just some separate works. At the moment, we can say that this is the accumulated cultural baggage of all mankind. This is what is the primary product or reference. And at some point, you realize that you are saying quotes from The Lord of the Rings. You notice that it is easier to use memes for a TV series from the nineties in building an idea. And even as an example, my left arm is stuffed with a sleeve covering the entire gaming industry, in which there is a Konami cheat code of and the Curse of Monkey Island and Packman and Mario and Fallout and Baldurs gate. And many other games that I consider to be one of the most significant for the industry and humanity as a whole. Games for me, at the moment it is not just a replacement for the leisure of an ordinary person, it is an immersion in another reality. This is interactive art, interactive cinema, which we watch and change our dependence on our desires and our ideas.


Nice! Tell us about the opening of the RedPad Games studio?

Evgeny: When I met Vildan, we had a lot of points of contact in which we understood each other. But we are all human beings and we have not been without disputes about how exactly it is worth working further, how to develop projects, how to develop a studio. We believe that the truth is born in disputes. In 2019, I quit my main job, and we completely started working on the WarTide World project. This is a huge project, which I think the industry has not yet known. As you know, any project faces difficulties, no matter what level it is. At one point, we decided that the technical progress at the moment is not at such a high level to fully unlock the potential of the "WarTide World" project. That's why we started a new project "Dustland". It mixed a love of hardcore, a love of post-apocalypse, and many literary and film productions that are in the genre of post-apocalypse. And soon you will learn, even more, soon you will feel what it is like to live in a world in which anarchy is not just a word, in which the Dust Lands will take over everything.


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