RedPad Games© founders set off on a strategic goal to bring the highest quality AAA level content to the international gaming community.  Let’s take a look at some of the social media outlets where you can discuss and learn more about Dustland!



We are rapidly growing our Discord community. Our Discord community has grown by 17900% in the last month. We have implemented the best bots there, so that the members of the community feel as comfortable as possible. We also did something that no one else had done before us. We decided to move away from the standard Discord model, in which all information is presented in one language. This approach is very frustrating for an audience that only knows one language, and we have made the decision to translate our Discord into multiple languages to improve the community experience. Now on our server you can choose the language that is convenient for you to communicate and absorb information about our project. In the future, we plan to have a Q&A session with our community. And sometimes even make private streams exclusive to Discord community. Also, soon we will become partners of the Discord, which will open up new horizons for us and you in the development of our community.



At the moment we are planning two different channels on Twitch. One channel will be completely devoted to Dustland game, it will have game streams on this game, as well as many other activities related to the game. On the second channel, we will keep developer diaries so that our community can always see the process of creating our products live, as well as ask questions and get answers immediately. We design everything from the ground up, from developing our Twitch channels to the categories we'll be streaming. We plan to launch an advertising campaign in the near future in partnership with well-known streamers. Also in the future we plan to make a collaboration with Twitch, which will enable streamers and viewers to receive Twitch Drops from RedPad Games.



We have chosen a non-standard way to use Reddit. Our team has identified three main areas where Reddit can help us. We use Reddit to promote our products, our own reddit or subreddit, and our release plans. Reddit is also used to get feedback on our products. We may receive feedback from programmers and game designers on game mechanics, as well as game recommendations. The third way is to use Reddit as an HR resource, to search for specialists and search for employees.



We actively promote our Facebook account and also use it to communicate with our audience. We constantly post up-to-date information about our products on our official Facebook page. We also use Facebook to answer your questions. All users can ask answers under our posts, and we will definitely answer them.



Our Instagram is one of our main social networks. On our official Instagram page, we post the latest news about our products. We also conduct various kinds of activities in stories, such as polls or other entertaining interactives.



Our Telegram is one of our most active social networks, in our telegram we make airdrops of tokens, as well as various contests. In telegram we have our main channel with alerts and news about our company. Also in telegrams we have several chats in different languages in which you can communicate with the audience and also communicate directly with our team in real time, ask questions and receive insider information, you can also write to our telegram manager and buy our RPGC token.