Hello everyone!

Just stopping by with a quick note for our fans!  Have you already heard something about the upcoming new MMO release Dustland™ coming to PC?! If not, then let’s get you up to speed on something completely new about something completely new!!!

Make yourself comfortable.

We're starting to start, but first let's get acquainted. We are a team passionate about creating new, inventive and engaging gaming content that will occupy the minds of gamers from all over the world.  We are talking about a game many could have only imagined with types innovative gameplay mechanics that we are building into Dustland. 

In order for our communication to be as convenient as possible and relevant materials presented to you without delay, we have organized an effective news infrastructure that will allow you to stay on top of everything that is happening with and in Dustland.


When the official website for the game becomes available to you, where we will continually announce a host of useful content, ranging from progress in the production of the game, publications of technical information about the technologies used and real ways of earning money in the game.


Our social networks will be a place of inspiration for you, where diverse content from studio participants and studio friends will allow you to plunge into the world of game creation. One of the categories will be developer diaries. Keeping track of the days, you will be informed of the events in the studio. You will be invited to take part in many processes so that you can communicate thoughts and ideas, your own stamp of involvement in the creation of game.  Discord will become a meeting place for all gamers who plan to create an excellent reputation in the game. This is the only way he can be more successful and survive as long as possible.


There will be many creators amongst our friends who will be able to demonstrate all the possibilities in Dustland, as well their extraordinary abilities in shooting, driving various vehicles and many others.


All the ways in which we will inform you, notify you and simply report new things about the project will allow us to be on the same wavelength. Our task is to be on the same wave of engagement and interest with you. And it will all revolve around Dustland!